Saturday, 11 May 2013


Making one of the sample jumpsuit for new collection...
...documentation of the progress...






Monday, 6 May 2013

Fabric HUNT

Time for fabric hunt...
Yeyyy... pleasure at last :) I love spending hours in fabric stores :)
My inspirations for s/s 2014 collection coming from researching in origami folds and chain mail so I would like to construct some sort of armour for us ladies, but with girlie touch... It will be feminine with see-through materials and light but also have strong side with chain mail panels and lots of fabric folding...
I decided to go for organza as my main material as its good for folding but also delicate and transparent and ordered my links and chain on ebay (old good ebay) to do my hood and trousers panels:)
...wish me luck :)

abakhan xxx






Moda in Paris

One of my fav places has to be Paris... Im always happy here - best fashion, shopping, coffee and culture :) try to go twice per year... Every visit is successful :) xx