Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pleats crazy!!!

I can feel Spring in the air (even Summer) in the UK :) Its unbelievable -a little bit of sunshine and we are all happy :)
I def see more smiles around the streets and its veryyyyy catchy:) which is what the doctor ordered xx
...and big trend - Pleats Glorious Pleats!!!
We can see them all around the high street right now and it reminds me of all those summer holidays... - wearing very floaty pleated dresses... 

Czuje Wiosne w powietrzu (nawet moglabym powiedziec ze Lato) w naszej mostly deszczowej Anglii. Zadziwiajace jak troszke slonka i wszyscy sprawiaja wrazenie szczesliwych :) Wiecej usmiechow na ulicach zarazaaaa:) tak tak recepta na polepszenie humoru xx
...i kolejny wielki trend PLEATS!!!
Pojawia sie wszedzie na ulicach Manchesteru, Londynu, Liverpoolu w roznych postaciach...
...i przypomina mi o letnich wieczorach spedzonych w nadmorskich miejscowosciach...

Dress - h&m
boots- Topshop


Look Of The Day - Touch of Pink x

Pink is a Big trend in S/S 2011 - especially bright one so its def worth to bring a touch of it to our own wardrobes :)
Tops, Shoes, trousers, jewellery, accessorize options are endless girls - this season PINK IS NEW BLACK!!! :)

Blazer - Topshop (yessss... I added shoulder pads myself again:))
Top - Reiss
Trousers- h&m
Shoes- Topshop
Glasses - Ray Ban
Bag- vintage Chanel
Necklace- h&m + my ring with engrave "Kocham Cie"
Bracelets- Thomas Sabo, Links Of London, Pandora
Watch- Michael Kors


Monday, 18 April 2011

Girl Power ! ! !

I've had some lovely/girly time 2day with little Anna who knows more about sequins and shades of pink at age of 5 than most of us ll ever... :)
So THIS PASSION 4 FASHION def needs to be pass at early age:)

Stars from dressing up for fashion show...

...making nails shine

...shopping therapy

...new sparkling shoes

...making fashion magazine

...and reading b4 sleep...

Yes... Never Too Early For VOGUE girls x


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kardashians rule xx

Over last 10 days we have done little poll - which Kardashians sister is your favourite? ...and you lovely ppl decided Kourtney is the most lovely of the sis trio:)

  5 (27%)
  9 (50%)
  4 (23%)

Votes so far: 18
The most popular sis (Kim) came 2nd but only 1 vote behind is Khloe so not a big gap :)

Well done Kourtney - You are our Winner x
...def deserved 1st place lol xxx


Look Of The Day - Liliac Crazy

Seeing all S/S 11 trends especially colour block and using surprisingly lovely English weather I took my Dkny lilac trousers and went for bit of shopping therapy :)

...bit of colour and mood change guarantee :) worked for me x

(ok... have to admit every time I wear those trousers it remainds me of lovely lilac's tree smell :) which I adore and make me all happy inside ohhhhhhh childhood 1st love flowers hahaha xx)

trousers- DKNY
top- Zara
cardi/jacket- TopShop (with bit of DIY added shoulder pads)
necklace- h&m
sunnies- Max Mara
shoes- Topshop
bag- Mulberry


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Colour Block x

One of Spring-Summer 2011 trend : COLOUR BLOCK x

I like my colours dark and earthy and usually stick to my favourite black but seeing this season splash of colours makes me want to experiment with it too :)
...and I actually like the looks we can create with bright, bold colours...

...have to remember that sometimes throwing all those different pieces 2gether can be easily too much and become faux pas, so just try to complement the look with splash of colours which relatively goes together :)

Lots of colour blocking pieces we can find in our high street shops-Zara offer wide range of lovely bright blazers and skirts and new upcoming Primark's special collection is full of tops, trousers and shoes (see last photo) .


Meadham Kirchhoff for TopShop

Yes Its true - Meadham Kirchhof one of the most promising London's brand is in collaboration with our lovely high-street TopSop.

Collection is amazing - girly but yet with this signature grungy feel. Sheer neon, ripped silk, breton stripe, leopard print - everything we love...
...and the best thing is -we can already buy the beautiful pieces online and in the stores, price range: £25-£250 so sth for everyone:)


Monday, 11 April 2011

"Keep IT Classy"

Omg Chanel condoms...

When I first heard of it I honestly thought it was a joke but NO thts actually happening - Chanel fashion house came up with new unusual concept which this time are - CondomS...
...so "Keep IT Classy" guys...

It's $279 for pack of 12 so maybe we should stick to OUR Marc Jacobs...


Inside and out ;)

Spring arrived to England surprisingly early so it is def perfect time to swap our heavy leather bags for light canvas 1s and go enjoy the sun at Tatton Park...

... plz don't ask why I still carry my Red Nose with me...:)))

Its warm and lovely outside so don't need carry lots and lots :) def umbrella missing there - yessssssssss :)